CASE STUDY | A Strategic Collaboration Between Costi Cohen and Azura Financial

CASE STUDY | A Strategic Collaboration Between Costi Cohen and Azura Financial

In the dynamic world of real estate investments, strategic alliances can yield remarkable results. This case study delves into the successful partnership between Costi Cohen and Azura Financial, led by Tom Hawley. Together, they orchestrated an impressive investment journey that underscores the potential of collaboration in the real estate industry.


Azura Financial were working with an investor client that had a specific vision for their real estate portfolio. Despite being pre-approved quickly, the client was still faced with the challenge of finding a commercial property that not only matched their criteria but also aligned with their ambitious financial goals.

Setting the Stage for Collaboration

Recognising the importance of expert guidance in commercial property investments, Tom introduced the client to Tas Costi of Costi Cohen, after the firm’s recent success in buying similar assets for Azura’s clients.

“As one of the most reputable commercial buyer’s agencies in Australia, I can refer my clients to Costi Cohen and know that they will be looked after with market-leading service and advice. I always receive great customer feedback from them, and I can trust that Tas and the team at Costi Cohen will always exceed my client’s expectations.” – Tom Hawley

Defining the Investment Vision

Azura Financial and Costi Cohen collaborated closely to understand the client’s unique investment vision. With a substantial capital allocation ranging from $10 to $12 million, the client’s primary objective was to secure a retail asset in either New South Wales or Victoria with a yield rate exceeding 5.5%. Furthermore, the client insisted on a property featuring a single tenant with a triple net lease arrangement.

Efficient Execution

Within a few weeks, Costi Cohen identified and secured an off-market investment opportunity. This hidden gem, originally offering a 5% yield, was successfully acquired at a highly favourable 5.5% yield.

“At the very core of our business is a commitment to putting the client first. Clients often come to us at a time when they are making some of their biggest personal and business decisions, and often finance is just one piece of a much larger puzzle. This client came to us seeking a pre-approval for a commercial loan. We got them pre-approved successfully, but we knew that they were struggling to secure a property that matched their criteria and that they were concerned that they wouldn’t find the right property before their pre-approval expired. It was clear at that point that we could save our client a lot of time, money, and peace of mind by introducing them to our trusted referral partners at Costi Cohen.” – Tom Hawley

The Value in Referring 

Tom’s dedication to understanding the client’s needs and his strategic referral to Costi Cohen paved the way for a successful transaction. Tas and his team at Costi Cohen demonstrated their industry knowledge and remarkable efficiency in sourcing and securing the perfect investment opportunity. Through their combined expertise, they were able to fulfill the client’s investment criteria seamlessly and effectively, resulting in a mutually beneficial outcome for all parties involved.