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If you are in the market for your next investment opportunity, Costi Cohen is your trusted partner for a successful and seamless acquisition.

Commercial property investment and development is complex, and at Costi Cohen, we understand the pivotal role commercial property experts play in acquiring real estate ventures. Our commercial property experts are highly motivated to attain long-term success for all our clients. From sourcing quality opportunities to strategic price negotiation and post-settlement care, we deliver results that exceed expectations. Learn more about our commercial property services, and connect with us today to discuss your investment or development property mandate.

Why work with

a commercial property expert?

In commercial real estate, having a skilled commercial property agent by your side is invaluable. At Costi Cohen we offer a wealth of benefits, including: 

Exclusive access to off and pre-market opportunities

Costi Cohen has unrivalled relationships with a vast network of commercial agents across the country, meaning our clients get first access to exceptional properties that the majority of the market are unaware of. Approximately 85% of the properties we source for our clients are off or pre-market, giving them a competitive edge in the sourcing stage. 

Invaluable market insights and expert due diligence

With deep knowledge of current market trends, we provide invaluable insights to inform your purchasing decisions, saving you valuable time in the process. We provide the guidance needed to minimise any potential risks, and conduct comprehensive due diligence on the properties we source for clients to ensure a seamless and successful acquisition. 

Expert negotiation and cost savings

Our team of property experts handle every step of the negotiation process to ensure you get the highest savings possible. Skilled in negotiation strategy, we make certain you get the best price and terms in every transaction. We’ve helped clients save an average of 11% to 13% off the initial purchase price.

Outstanding portfolio management

Our highly experienced commercial property management team can optimise your new investment and ensure maximum returns immediately after purchase. Costi Cohen specialises in understanding the complexities and profit opportunities within commercial property, covering a range of asset classes, including retail, office, residential and mixed-use, industrial and more.

Strategic planning

Costi Cohen works with you to develop evolving strategies that align with your investment and development goals. We focus on retaining long-term relationships with our clients to ensure we build them a portfolio that sustains their investment objectives. Our repeat clients are a testament to that.


Million worth of property bought


Properties purchased off, pre or post-market


Years industry experience


Average savings off the purchase price




How do Costi Cohen’s commercial property experts approach client needs?

Costi Cohen takes great pride in representing our clients’ needs by providing high-level and tailored services. Our commercial real estate experts understand that, just like the goals of our clients, every property is unique, requiring a dedicated approach. 

Costi Cohen simplifies the commercial property acquisition process, from the financial elements of property ownership to keeping you in the loop of the latest developments regarding your investment. By entrusting your commercial property investment to Australia’s leading investment property specialists, you’ll regain your valuable time and energy, allowing you to redirect your focus on pursuing other investment opportunities.

What sets Costi Cohen’s commercial property experts apart in the industry?

For too long, we’ve seen other commercial real estate experts take a one-size-fits-all approach — Costi Cohen envisions a different kind of service. We've used our 60+ years of experience to oversee the portfolios of several clients across Australia.

Our commercial property experts go the extra mile to provide exceptional commercial real estate services shaped by the needs of our clients. We relieve the stress that typically comes with property acquisition by handling the end-to-end process, from controlling property-related finances to overseeing important documentation.

How do Costi Cohen’s commercial property consultants assess property value?

Acting as your valuation expert, Costi Cohen takes a customised approach to every commercial property we assess. Conducting extensive due diligence and market analysis is second nature to our team. We’ll not only ensure you’re purchasing property in a profitable area at a competitive price but that it will also deliver outstanding results over the long term. 

We also provide clients with detailed profit forecasting and reporting to provide greater clarity over their upcoming investment. The Costi Cohen team conducts this approach across all commercial asset classes, including retail spaces, offices, mixed-use buildings, development sites and more.

Can Costi Cohen commercial property experts assist with the legal aspects of commercial transactions?

Through our partners, Costi Cohen has access to world-class legal consultants that we work with on a daily basis. Our commercial real estate experts thoroughly understand other complexities that come with commercial property acquisition and and combined with our team of legal partners, we will guide you through every step of the process, allowing you to focus your time and energy on other opportunities.

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Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the market, our expertise will pave the way for your success in commercial real estate. We’ve looked after more than 250 commercial properties and are prepared to help you discover your next investment opportunity. 

No matter your timeline, budget or preferred location, the expert team at Costi Cohen can help you find a commercial property that aligns with your needs. We invite you to get in touch with our team for a consultation today.

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